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Six reasons to purchase — not build — your capital markets firm’s conflict of interest management software

When it comes to selecting conflict of interest management software for your capital markets firm, the stakes are high: The wrong choice can directly impact your efficiency and profitability. Although some firms invest in custom-built conflict of interest management software, they often discover the returns on this investment are far from optimal. Here are the top six reasons your capital markets firm should stick to purchasing a proven, best-in-class conflict of interest management software rather than building from scratch.

1. Cost: Making the most of your money

Having business process management (BPM) software custom-built for your firm’s conflict management process is likely going to cost more than off-the-shelf conflict of interest management software, but it’s ultimately worth it, right? Not necessarily. In addition to paying for software development, you’ll also need to pay for hosting, support, updates, and other additional vendor services — all of which quickly add up over the lifespan of your custom software. Firms often miss crucial deadlines as their technology team grapples with unfamiliar concepts and disparate data sources. These extended timelines are yet another hidden cost of implementation that can impact budgets at unpredictable times. Purpose-built conflict of interest management software like Intapp Conflicts comes with predictable implementation timelines and, once installed, it automatically and seamlessly takes care of updates in the cloud, saving your firm significant costs for services and hardware.

2. Efficiency: Streamlining execution and reducing errors when reviewing deals

Maintaining separate software for conflicts clearance and business intake increases risk, because capital markets professionals may miss conflicts when reviewing and comparing reports. These errors can cause significant risk to the firm and require significant time and resources to resolve. Intapp Conflicts provides functionality that reduce the risk of errors and streamlines your firm’s systems for clearing conflicts, onboarding new business, and managing client requirements. As a result, staff can spend less time generating results and conflicts professionals can spend their time managing and resolving conflicts.

3. Development and maintenance: Working with dedicated tech teams

Having a knowledgeable and responsive tech support team is crucial, no matter what tool or technology you’re implementing. Finding a team that truly understands your conflict of interest management software is difficult, however, if your application was built from scratch. Your team’s valuable time should be spent focusing on strategic work and resolving difficult conflicts, not navigating complex technical tradeoffs and system design questions. We work directly with firms that use Intapp Conflicts to ensure our products best support conflict management processes and workflow. Your staff can access our dedicated support team with the assurance that our team is deeply familiar with your conflict of interest management software and can provide the resources to solve whatever problems arise.

4. Resources: Connecting with the Intapp DealCloud user community

As custom-built conflict of interest management software only pertains to the firms for which they’re built, their users won’t be able to connect with others who can offer relevant resources or information. In contrast, Intapp DealCloud clients gain access to DealCloud University, which offers an extensive knowledge base, case management tracking, feature requests, and user forums. By joining the community of Intapp DealCloud users, you’ll be able to leverage the knowledge of other Intapp Conflicts clients and share your own experiences. You’ll also receive exclusive invitations to thought leadership and networking events to help you learn best practices and make key connections.

5. Self-sufficiency: Gaining control over process changes

Conflicts products that are built on generic business process management (BPM) tools have major challenges. Figuring out how to use these complex tools is difficult enough; customizations to your software can make it nearly impossible for your teams to make necessary changes to forms or processes down the road. In contrast, Intapp Conflicts allows nontechnical users to manage and change risk management processes and forms directly — without configuring code — saving your firm a significant amount of time and effort.

6. Change and growth: Anticipating your clients’ needs

Custom-built conflict of interest management software may meet your current requirements, but what about in the future? At Intapp, we’re constantly innovating and improving our solutions, applying user feedback and ensuring that firms can meet the ever-changing demands of their clients. This includes continuing to evolve Intapp DealCloud’s connected firm management software with critical elements, such as a growing set of third-party data integrations for new business due diligence. By consistently updating and adding new features to our Intapp Conflicts conflict of interest management software, we help your firm stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the capital markets industry.

If your capital markets firm is seeking to improve the way it identifies, reviews, clears, and reports on conflicts, schedule a demo of the Intapp Conflicts product today.