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Data and reporting in real estate

Modern real estate investors demand a smart and tech-focused approach to investing their money. They require a complete, purpose-built real estate investor software that meets the unique needs of CRE investment teams ― regardless of their structure, size, and specialties. Investments vary, and the teams working on them require a customizable, all-in-one real estate investment software. This software will serve as the main hub for relationship information. 

Real estate investors need to maintain visibility on every corner of the market in order to compete. Intapp DealCloud’s DataCortex combines real estate investors’ data into one platform, helping them turn it into valuable knowledge. Intapp DealCloud’s platform provides advanced software for real estate investors, including transaction workflow and team collaboration features for managing deals and relationships. 

Dive into the data 

Technology is important for real estate investors to compete effectively. It allows them to act quickly, stay organized, and gain a lasting competitive advantage in today’s investment market. 

Intapp DealCloud and similar software have made it easier for real estate investment firms to store all their important data. This includes contacts, activities, and other information. Now, they can keep everything in one convenient location. With these advances, real estate investors are better able to manage deals and relationships and rise above the competition. 

Centralization of data not only keeps you from piecing your data together from disparate sources, it allows you to quickly and easily pull the relevant data you need. Intapp DealCloud centralizes all data related to brokers, sellers, third-party advisors, attorneys, and lenders. When everyone is together, it’s easier to reconnect and follow a structured approach to engage with them. 

Intapp DealCloud’s software for real estate investment centralizes deal information, market data, and financial models. This software helps you develop successful strategies and meet acquisition goals. 

Managing several disparate software platforms that all have unique purposes is time-intensive and inefficient. By leveraging a single source of truth like Intapp DealCloud’s real estate investment software, you provide your entire firm with a centralized, authoritative location, for the firm’s institutional knowledge. 

Real estate reporting made easy 

Intapp DealCloud’s reporting features help real estate investors use their data in the most effective way for their organization. DealCloud can be customized to meet the needs of real estate investment teams. They have the option to choose between a custom dashboard or automatic email delivery. 

DealCloud’s software for real estate investment brings together data, systems, and people. It offers customizable reporting and dashboards to suit each user’s preferences. 

DealCloud’s real estate software allows teams to create reports using data from a web or mobile interface. You can set up reports to be sent to you, a team member, or a group of people. 

You can send the reports as a PDF or Word Document. You can choose the frequency that suits you. 

Many real estate investment software programs do not have portfolio view and reporting features. These features include easy data segmentation, tear sheet downloads, and financial and loan report downloads. However, all these crucial elements for real estate investors are available in DealCloud. 

Intapp DealCloud’s software helps real estate investors manage deals, relationships, and collaborate with their team. It is crucial for executing successful real estate deals. 

DealCloud delivers real estate investment software solutions 

Real estate investors need to embrace technology to keep up with the rapidly evolving market and digitization of other industries. Specialized software for real estate investment that helps with every transaction. The Intapp DealCloud platform is customizable and adaptable, providing the necessary tools for dealmakers to stay competitive in the market. 

Our real estate reporting software also provides a single source of truth for real estate investment trusts (REITs), real estate fund managers, and real estate operators alike, and can help real estate investors achieve superior outcomes. 

Time for real estate investors to get serious about CRM technology. To learn more about how Intapp DealCloud’s state-of-the-art deal and relationship management system was built specifically for real estate professionals, schedule a demo.