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Three must-have dashboards for placement agent CRM software

Placement agents — the rising stars of the private equity world — are a driving force as fundraising heats up across the industry. In a hypercompetitive dealmaking landscape, placement agents need to maintain visibility on fundraising and capital allocation, the secondaries market, emerging markets, and developments in various industries. Without placement agent CRM software, they run the risk of falling behind their industry peers.

Below are three must-have dashboards within Intapp DealCloud’s software purpose-built for placement agents. Intapp DealCloud’s best-in-class placement agent CRM can help placement agents stay ahead of the pack. With these dashboards, users can simplify relationship management, reporting, and data management to help achieve the best outcomes for fund managers, limited partners (LPs), and other deal participants.

Sponsor Coverage

By leveraging the Sponsor Coverage dashboard within DealCloud’s software for placement agents, users can track sponsors by fee potential including closed engagements, live engagements, and prospective deals. Users of this placement agent CRM tool can also keep records of their touchpoints with sponsors and set reminders to follow up with sponsors in a set timeframe. They can track sponsors by company name, type of capital provider, coverage person, primary contact, and other key features.

Live Transactions

Maintaining a central database for all transaction-related data is essential for placement agents, and leveraging the Live Transactions dashboard in DealCloud can further ease processes around complex transactions. Users can see a 360-degree view of their transactions including transactions by weighted revenue and industry type, live engagements by product, and estimated fees by quarter.

Placement agents can also track live transactions by features such as industry, client, engagement type, and deal state, allowing them to gain deeper insights about their transaction data.

Prospective Deals

Today’s placement agents are racing to raise capital and provide other valuable services to dealmakers as quickly and accurately as possible. To track deals in an organized and efficient way, firms need to implement placement agent CRM software designed specifically for their needs. The Prospective Deals dashboard within DealCloud provides a user-friendly interface that help users easily track prospective deals by stage and deal flow by month.

By leveraging the Engagement Pipeline view, users can view all perspective deals by client, engagement type, industry, office, and other relevant categories.

Without the proper technology in place, placement agents find themselves at a serious disadvantage. Placement agent CRM software not only helps users collect industry insights but also transforms those insights into institutional knowledge. DealCloud’s placement agent software was built specifically with the unique needs, complexities, and requirements of private placements in mind, allowing the software to bring true value to you and your firm.

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