Validate trade approvals with managed brokerage feed data.

Intapp Employee Compliance: Managed brokerage feeds

Reduce human error and accelerate trade approval validation

Minimize the time and effort needed to manage and monitor employees’ personal brokerage account activity. Intapp Employee Compliance manages the set-up and ongoing maintenance of your professionals’ trade data feeds and validates their trade activity. And with Intapp Employee Compliance, your employees’ transactions are automatically standardized into a normalized format — reducing human error and false positives and accelerating trade approval validation.

Offload maintenance burdens with automation

Set-up and managed brokerage feeds

Access direct API connections with hundreds of brokerage firms.

Ongoing maintenance of API feeds

Offload maintenance and the IT burden of resolving broken API feeds to the Intapp team.

Enrichment and data normalization

Receive data from different feeds in a standardized, easily comparable format.

Simplify validation of trade requests

Minimize data input

Get proof of transactions with direct API-based broker data.

Reduce false positives

Make faster and more accurate transaction comparisons with enriched data normalization.

Save time

Receive notifications of violations between trade approvals and broker accounts.

Increase productivity

Review and resolve with confidence, knowing your broker feeds are managed and maintained for you.

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