How Activators leverage technology


There are a number of ways that Activators are leveraging technology. For example, take the LinkedIn social platform. Most of them will proactively engage with their contacts and their connections on there. They post comments and their own content on the LinkedIn platform. If their firm has it, they might avail themselves for example of their enterprise relationship management software to tell them the strength of their relationships and how their clients are engaging with them.

They might use, for example, third party sources like Equilar, or BoardEx to understand the broader relationships that their clients have in the market.

The other thing they do is they tend to use the firm’s CRM a little more. So they’ll update their notes. They’ll provide follow-up activities. They’ll better understand what the whole relationship with that client looks like in terms of how the client is engaging across practices, and they use that to help again create intentional, purposeful conversations with those clients.

For example, they’ll think of other partners in different practices that they can introduce to those clients or referral sources outside of the firm that they can bring to the client because think they might be able to provide them with some kind of value. So they’re a lot more intentional overall and a lot more proactive in how they both use technology and conduct their development activities.

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