Modern rainmakers: What makes them so successful?


I think the really interesting thing about the research is that it has turned conventional wisdom on its head. What we saw from the research is that the people that are actually out there developing the business are not the people that we thought would be developing the business. In other words, traditionally, in financial and professional service there’s been this idea of a trusted advisor, for example, and that there’s deep one-to-one relationships and connections that these so called trusted advisors hold are the reason for the new business development, but in fact that’s not what the research showed.

The research showed that the top rainmakers in these types of organizations tend to be building more robust networks and connections, both internally in the firm and outside of the firm. That’s the first thing.

Secondly, they don’t just wait for new matters and business or engagements to come to them. They’re actually engaging with those clients between matters and between engagements.

And I think the third thing that was really interesting about these top rainmakers is they’re using technology and resources and different types of skills and methods that their peers don’t. So for example, they activate their networks and connections on LinkedIn. They would post on there more often. They would avail themselves as some of the firm’s resources to help develop business and identify white space and things like that.

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