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Caroline Hill, Editor-in-Chief of Legal IT Insider, spoke with Tony Mckenna, Director of Information Technology and Change at UK top 100 law firm Howard Kennedy and newly elected ILTA president, for an article on his key takeaways from 2023 and what he’s focusing on for 2024. In the article Tony talks about the expected impact of AI and large language models, and explains how working with Intapp has positively impacted the firm’s ability to manage and use it’s data.

In it, he says:

One thing that will be important is data visualisation: how do you visualise and provide data to lawyers in a way they can consume and deliver improved insights to clients on the progress of matters, so the matter lifecycle. That’s a big area for us and we’re getting the data flows and structures in place so that data visualisation becomes normal for lawyer. We’re far down the track of getting making data available to lawyers through Outlook. We’re working with Intapp and have been for 18 months, and we’re really starting to see the benefit.

Legal IT Insider – December 28, 2023

Tony Mckenna: “You can’t lose sight of the day-to-day”