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How DealCloud simplifies deal flow management

Today, the most productive deal teams are adopting DealCloud, a purpose-built information management system that improves process management and eliminates the need to manually record activity and deal data. Instead of taking on the daily administrative chore of inputting relationship-building and deal-tracking information, your teams can use DealCloud to automatically capture data in real time.

DealCloud Automations is a workflow management tool that automatically creates and edits data following actions performed or outcomes achieved within the DealCloud platform. With Automations, you can streamline workflows, reduce administrative burden, and improve data quality to elevate decision-making and deal outcomes.

How DealCloud manages deal flow tasks

Every dealmaker knows how long and complex the process is to close a deal. If a firm doesn’t have a proper deal management system, important steps may be overlooked and mistakes can be made.

Whenever a stage of a deal breaks down, it increases the likelihood that a deal won’t close as expected, if at all. Tracking every step that goes into a deal — and ensuring that deal team members meet specific deadlines — can drastically improve workflow and reduce organizational complexity.

By leveraging the tasks object within the DealCloud platform, firms can capture and account for every step and deadline, making it easier to keep track of upcoming and outstanding items. Firms can log who is responsible for the task, when the task is due, the status of the task, and many other data points.

Should someone within your firm miss a deadline or any part of the deal management process, you can configure the system to send alerts to project owners so that they can address the issue.

How DealCloud automates daily tasks with event-triggered notifications

Dealmakers shouldn’t have to waste time and effort manually sending reminders and follow-ups to their team members to keep a deal on track. DealCloud’s event-triggered notifications feature automates these tedious communications for you, thereby drastically improving your workflow and reducing organizational complexity.

DealCloud’s automated alerts notify DealCloud users of platform activity, key dates, and upcoming tasks. Notifications are recurring reminders that can be distributed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to keep the deal team prepared and informed.

For example, managers can create time-based notifications that occur a set amount of days after the initial approach, which notify deal team members responsible for phone call follow-ups. Or your team can create an activity notification that sends a weekly digest of meeting notes that were added into the system, keeping your team informed of critical outcomes and details of the past week.

DealCloud’s notifications can greatly enhance teamwide workflows. Keep users on track and up to speed with timely reminders of critical events — from upcoming meetings to outstanding investment committee approvals — and lapsed contact follow-ups.

How DealCloud Automations improves firmwide communication

Financial and professional services firms need a single, centralized system that their deal teams can use to maintain communications, store key data, and increase firmwide knowledge.

DealCloud Automations makes communicating within your firm simpler than ever. Rather than storing data across multiple systems, firms can integrate DealCloud with third-party data partners to automatically sync core data into respective lists, so dealmakers don’t have to enter it manually. Automatic data entries reduce administrative labor burden and human error, ensuring nothing is missed.

Firms can also streamline knowledge sharing by setting up notifications that provide data updates. For example, you could send a notification that informs contact owners of employment changes, deal teams of deal status changes, and data administrators of record creations and deletions. With DealCloud’s automated notifications, dealmakers can learn of data updates immediately, eliminating the possibility of forgotten communications.

Simplify deal flow management with DealCloud

Professionals need a streamlined and efficient way to manage deal flow. With DealCloud, it’s simpler than ever to automate mundane tasks and improve firmwide communication.

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