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4 reasons why dealmakers need a best-in-class CRM

As a verticalized deal relationship management solutions software, Intapp DealCloud leads as the capital market technology software.  DealCloud has the ability to cater and meet the unique needs of each firm while managing complex relationships and deal structures of the capital markets with their best-in-class CRM platform for dealmakers.  DealCloud has learned the ins and outs of the private capital market industry to be able to best meet the needs of financial service firms.  DealCloud also offers dealmakers a mobile app that can help them manage their deals and access data on the go.  Along with having access to a mobile app, users can experience a completely configurable and fully interactive reporting platform that allows them to cater to each firm’s unique needs while having all the data and metrics consolidated into one CRM system.

1. Clear market leader for private capital

DealCloud has set the standard within the financial services industry with its easily-customizable CRM platform for dealmakers.  DealCloud’s services are solely focused on private equity, growth equity, venture capital, limited partners, and investment banking.  Because DealCloud is primarily engaged in financial services, our teams have dedicated much of their time and energy to learning the financial markets in order to efficiently guide clients depending on their needs.  The CRM solution is designed to help facilitate vertical-specific solutions to drive growth, increase efficiency and profitability, manage risk and compliance, and deliver client success.  While other deal pipeline management solution software may sell themselves as a vertical-specific solution, their interests may lie in expanding there markets to other fields such as healthcare or in education.  Because of this, they may lose focus on financial services and have less of a strong institutional knowledge base for financial markets.

2. Mobile app

Along with being the clear market leader for financial services, DealCloud also offers a mobile app that is completely configurable and optimized to make deals on the go.  This tool can be valuable for those clients who are constantly traveling, because they can monitor their deals and access data all through their mobile device.  The app has been configured so that it has an optimized UI and UX which can make it more efficiently used on a mobile device.  Other CRM platforms for dealmakers may not have this feature which can put them at a disadvantage because users may not have simple access to their data from the palm of their hand.  Another case for these platforms is that they may have a mobile app for their platform, but it may not be properly optimized for mobile devices so you lose much of the readability that could come with it.

3. Reporting capabilities

With DealCloud’s fully interactive reporting, all of the most important metrics and data is consolidated into one CRM system for dealmakers.  The platform offers a single source of truth, one-click preformatted report downloads, real-time analytics, cross-team analytics, more informed decision-making, and increased institutional knowledge.  Every dashboard, chart, graph, tearsheet, datasheet, and profile can be customized to user preferences.  The platform allows you to manage deal and relationships while easily connecting with external solutions and third-party data providers.

4. Configurability

DealCloud allows financial service firms to have a fully configurable dashboard to cater to their unique preferences such as their existing dealmaking process, instead of forcing them to adapt to a generic CRM platform that doesn’t give them the flexibility to customize to their needs.  This is one of DealCloud’s biggest differentiators between other deal pipeline management solutions software.  DealCloud’s services offer fully configurable solutions purpose-built for the complex relationships and structures of private equity and growth capital firms, investment banks, private and publicly traded companies, debt capital providers, and other investors.

DealCloud continues to grow as the chosen CRM platform for dealmakers, with a single source of truth to help you manage relationships, execute deals, and easily connect with external solutions and third-party data providers.  With a strong institutionalized knowledge of financial markets, an optimized mobile app, fully interaction reporting, and a full configurable dashboard, Intapp DealCloud offers the best CRM solution for dealmakers.