Amit Lalwani

Vice President, Financial Services


Amit Lalwani is the Vice President of Financial Services at Intapp. He is a results-driven business leader with experience using big data and technology to help the world’s leading investment banks and private equity firms optimize the flow of capital globally. With more than 15 years of deep domain experience in capital markets, Lalwani has been able to deliver enterprise wide software solutions for investment banks, helping them benchmark against peers, define strategy, identify opportunities, target potential clients, and gain market share in investment banking fees.

At Intapp, Lalwani is focused on driving business development efforts globally to provide a unified deal management and compliance platform to investment banking clients. He has hired, managed, and led multiple teams globally across engineering, market research, project management, and professional services to deliver the most relevant enterprise software solutions for some of the world’s best know financial firms.

Lalwani received both his bachelor’s degree in business management and his master’s degree in information systems and corporate finance from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.