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Three actionable ways market-leading lenders leverage technology today

What are some of the ways lenders leverage technology to originating deals, managing relationships, and working efficiently? The capital markets industry seems ready to leave COVID and the disruption that it’s caused behind, but what will the way forward look like for dealmakers?

In our recent webinar, Intapp’s James Brierley (formerly of Park Square Capital) spoke with two credit clients Alona Gornick, Principal at Churchill Asset Management and Scott Turco, Managing Director at Owl Rock about how technology has enabled the deal execution and diligence processes at their firms, their strategies for keeping teams productive and on-task in a remote environment, and some ways they leverage technology like Intapp DealCloud to accelerate success.

Lenders leverage technology to manage relationships with sponsors

Every day, but most importantly during the current global pandemic, relationships are paramount when it comes to winning deals. Prioritizing relationship management and keeping in touch with sponsors will make those relationships stronger and in turn, there’s potential to become the go-to partner when there is a need for portfolio support, said Gornick. As the deal environment continues to become increasingly competitive and sponsors need to move quickly on deals, it’s important to remain top of mind. Lenders leverage technology, including DealCloud’s CRM platform, to store all relationship data in one secure location.

Lenders leverage technology to optimize communication strategies

Dispatch, our marketing automation tool, is integrated into the DealCloud platform and has helped the team at Owl Rock be more strategic with their email communications. Owl Rock distributes quarterly announcements, event invitations and information, and new fund announcements to their contact base using Dispatch. With Dispatch, they can track email engagement data to determine which contacts they need to spend more time with and when they would need to reach out.

Lenders leverage technology to achieve data integrity

DataCortex integrates third-party data into DealCloud and provides access to real-time, accurate data, which for Churchill Asset Management has become a necessity. The demand for data integrity and transparency has risen and the Churchill Asset Management accelerated its technology efforts across the firm to meet those expectations, according to Gornick. With regulations increasing, not having accurate, real-time data can become a liability.

In today’s environment, technology enables you to work smarter and having a deal, data and relationship management platform has become not just a nice-to-have, but an absolute necessity.

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