Industry data integrations for financial and professional services firms   

Intapp DealCloud: DataCortex

Harness the power of market intelligence

Access and analyze market intelligence alongside your firm’s proprietary information — all in one unified platform.

With DataCortex, search and query industry data sets within Intapp DealCloud without toggling between multiple screens and various sources.

Access data integrations from a list of leading third-party data providers and more easily build meaningful relationships, analyze industry trends, and make informed decisions. And spend much less time on manual data import, export, and stewardship.

Maximize flexibility through simplified integrations.

Drive business intelligence with DataCortex

Improve market reach and targeting

Build new connections and discover areas of opportunities with access to extensive knowledge of companies, contacts, and market activity.  

Enhance decision-making with richer data

Access comprehensive, quality data from trusted data providers for efficient research, analysis, and informed decision-making.

Boost adoption with trustworthy data

Enrich your proprietary datasets with the latest market updates, and boost data governance with third-party validation to improve data accuracy and reliability.

A bird’s-eye view of ongoing developments

DataCortex gives us a bird’s-eye view of ongoing developments in the market so we can streamline and focus our deal sourcing and business development efforts.

Ben Marzouk
Managing Director
Monroe Capital 

Maximize flexibility through simplified integrations

One-off matching

Link a single record to one or more data sources by running a search directly from a record detail page or entry form.

Bulk matching

Identify linked versus unlinked records, identify potential matches for unlinked records, and use bulk matching to link multiple records at one time.

Advanced search

Sync multiple records in bulk by querying a set of target entries through preferred filters, such as industry, geography, or record type.

Matching preferences

Apply AI matching or customize matching preferences based on your preferred method of linking records between Intapp DealCloud and external data sources.

Display preferences

Tailor your firm’s display and mapping preferences to the data sets your professionals need.

Intapp DealCloud data integrations

Analyze your firm’s proprietary data alongside third-party intelligence from our growing list of data providers — right from the Intapp DealCloud interface.

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Our Applied AI strategy includes five essential AI capabilities that help you make smarter decisions, faster.

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